Project EX.PO AUS (EXtension of POtentiality of Adriatic UNESCO Sites)

EX.PO AUS is a cross-border project co-financed by the EU within the IPA Adriatic CBC Programme 2007-2013. The project includes 12 partners from seven Adriatic states: City of Dubrovnik, as Lead Partner, Region of Istria, City of Split (Croatia), Province of Ferrara, Municipality. of Ravenna – Art Museum of the City, Municipality of Alberobello; Aquileia Foundation (Italy), University of Primorska – Science and research centre (Slovenia); Centre for Conservation and Archaeology of Montenegro (Montenegro); Commission to Preserve National Monuments (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Office of Administration and Coordination of Butrint (Albania) and Municipality of Corfu (Greece)


Centro Internazionale di Documentazione sul Mosaico

CIDM is a section of the Art Museum of the city of Ravenna since 2003 is engaged in research , study and valorisation of mosaic , from the historical to the contemporary expressive results . The Center maintains a collection of mosaics dating from the early decades of the twentieth century to today.


To pursue its objectives the CIDM is working in several directions , from the creation of specific databases for seminars of study . The databases built to date are : the database and the database of the Mosaic Contemporary Mosaic.

Banca Dati Mosaico

The database Mosaic is dedicated to cataloging of decorations and mosaic works of all origins and backgrounds , from antiquity to the last decades . The cataloging is conducted through a card template, cataloging standards borrowed from the Central Institute for Cataloguing and Documentation , adapted to meet the most stringent requirements of the artifacts mosaic.

Banca dati mosaicisti

The database of Contemporary Mosaic is dedicated to studies and workshops mosaic found here a prestigious showcase for their activities, from arts and crafts to interior design, contemporary art.