The Domus of Stone Carpets

The Domus of Stone Carpets is a new and extraordinary monument, one of the most significant Italian archaeological sites, discovered over the last few decades. The Domus is a modern framework, an underground space (located 3 meters below the road level) hosting the gorgeous mosaics of a magnificent Byzantine palace dating back to the 6th century AD. The exhibition area shows wonderful mosaic pavements (14) decorated with geometrical, floral and figurative patterns considered as unique. Such is the case of the “Dance of the Geniuses of the Seasons”, a very rare depiction showing the geniuses dancing in a circle, and a version of the “Good Shepherd” that is completely different from any classical Christian rapresentations. The Domus adorns Ravenna, a city declared World Heritage by UNESCO for its 5th - 6th century AD monuments, of a further precious treasure, inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Italy during the events organized to celebrate the anniversary of the 1600 years of Ravenna capital of the Western Roman Empire.

Site Details

LOCATION Ravenna, Via Barbiani
PERIOD 5th – 6th century A. D.
SETTLEMENTS private building
urban settlement with many different structures
OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Municipality of Ravenna (concesion to Foundation RavennAntica)
SITE PROTECTIONS Devices for Visitor Path
Devices of Accessing Restriction
Drainage System
Plan for Seasonal Protection
CREATED BY Raffaella Branzi Maltoni