Archaeological Park of Santa Maria of Agnano

The Archaeological and naturalistic Park of SantaMaria of Agnano, known for the beauty and majesty of the natural setting surrounding the entire area, is characterized by the cave of Santa Maria of Agnano, which opens at the base of Mount of Ostuni and preserves within it examples ranging from the Palaeolithic to the middle ages. The cave ofi Santa Maria of Agnano has been, over the centuries, a burial site, a great Messapian sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Demeter and a place of worship in the Christian age. Inside, in fact, there are traces of frescoes from the Byzantine era and into the cavity left, lies a small sixteenth-century chapel with a fresco of the Virgin, the only one to have survived in good condition up to the present day. His discovery was of great importance. For the first time the remains of two relatives, lived in the Pleistocene age, have come down to us in perfect state of preservation. The woman's body was found in crunches. It was buried surrounded by shells, objects of great ornamental value, at a time when gold was not yet known.

Site Details

LOCATION Road SS 16 Ostuni-Fasano
PERIOD Neolithic
OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Museum of pre-classical Civilization of Southern Murgia
CREATED BY Patrizia Borlizzi (SITI)