Archaeological Park of Pezza Petrosa

The site consists of the remains of a necropolis and a phrourion existed between the fourth century BC and the first century BC, as part of an area that shows significant traces of the Neolithic to Medieval times. In the resort was found the necropolis of 33 graves of various types and orientation, generally for burial and in some cases with more than one deceased. The funeral supply, now housed at the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto and at the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Villa Castelli, allow us to date the use of the necropolis to the 4th-3th century BC. The similarity of pottery found with those of Greek Taranto allowed to assume the presence of a settlement of the foundation of Taranto on the border with the territories of the centers of messapian people Kailia (Ceglie), Mesocorus (near Carosino, Hyria (Oria), Brundisium (Brindisi) and Gnatia (in the town of Fasano). Coin representative Constantine VII and mother Zoe Karvounopsina. Excavations have also identified the remains of the settlement, a phrouron (outpost), reused in Roman times. The remains, damaged by agricultural work, included the possible remains of houses and defensive walls in blocks, datable stratigraphic grounds after the middle of the 4th century BC.

Site Details

LOCATION Road SP 73 Villa Castelli-Grottaglie
PERIOD 4th-1th century BC
CREATED BY Patrizia Borlizzi (SITI)